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天明寺 淳平 J U N P E I ([personal profile] junpeingin) wrote2016-12-12 07:41 pm
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Junpei is sitting in one of the places he hates the most - the interview room in the cop station. He recently witnessed a murder and he was dragged in for questioning. He doesn't know if they think he's a suspect or just want his witness testimony, but either way it's a horrible thing to be trapped here. Because that's exactly what it feels, a rat in a cage, with no hidden key to find a way out.

He's staring at the door with his legs propped up on the table, chair leaning back but not falling. He's good at the balancing act. There's only one thing he hopes for and that's a wish that he sees the young cop that's been around lately. He's heard she's good and she's more likely because she's dealt with a lot of murders. Junpei's been interested in the idea of her for awhile, as much as he hates the cops.

Give the rat some cheese if you're going to trap him, this might as well be interesting.

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